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Challenges People Face When Buying Diamonds, And Jewelry

Press Release: October 09, 2020

Getting natural diamonds and jewelry is quite a challenge if you do not have the right source. Small jewelry retailers, newbie jewelry designers, and jewelry hobbyists face the following challenges when sourcing for natural diamonds and jewelry;

  1. Fixed minimum order quantity- Wholesalers and stores offer a fixed MOQ; hence you cannot buy diamonds or jewelry in small quantities. As a retailer, you may not afford the large quantities, and it is a big challenge while purchasing the diamond and jewelry.
  2. Local wholesalers and jewelry stores do not offer specific sizes, inconveniencing the buyers.
  3. Lack of knowledge- In most stores, you will find that the employees are in charge of daily operations. The employees do not have sufficient knowledge about diamonds, and sometimes they sell the diamonds and jewelry at higher prices.
  4. Unavailability of diamonds- In stores, you can only find GIA, certified, or colorless diamonds. If you do not have enough money to buy those diamonds, you may lack a solution and fail to buy them. Most local stores and wholesalers do not have black diamonds, salt and pepper diamonds, or icy diamonds; hence, your choices are limited to only a few selections.
  5. Taxes- When you buy diamonds and jewelry from local stores, you will need to pay taxes per the federal laws in most cases. The taxes can be avoided if you import the diamond and jewelry directly from manufacturers at low prices.
  6. The cost of diamonds and jewelry is higher at the stores because they spend a lot by doing advertisements, paying rent for the stores, and paying the employees.
  7. Go-betweens- If you find diamond or jewelry in the local store, it has probably been handled by a lot of intermediaries. Each go-between contributes to the rise in the price of the jewelry and diamonds, and by the time they reach the final buyer, they are so expensive that the final buyers cannot afford them.
  8. In most local stores, once you buy the diamond or jewelry, you cannot get your money back even when you find that the diamond is not of the right quality.

There are many other challenges that we cannot exhaust in this article. If you are a local retailer or a jewelry hobbyist, as Gemone Diamonds, we can help you evade the issues mentioned above. Read on to discover more about Gemone Diamonds.

Gemone Diamonds: A Company You Can Trust to Deliver Quality Diamonds&customized Jewelry across the World.

Gemone diamonds, a family company, is geared to make natural diamonds more affordable and eliminate go-betweens. If you deal with us, you can be guaranteed quality, and we offer doorstep delivery making sure we do not inconvenience you during the transaction.

Our relationship with the diamond and jewelry industry dates back to 1967, and we have gained lots of experience over the years when dealing with diamonds. We know what the customer desires, and we tailor our products to meet that desire.

Why Get Diamonds from Gemone Diamonds?


The diamonds we offer are synonymous with quality. You can surely get many diamonds at your nearby locations," but they might not be budgeted or might not be the exact natural diamonds you are looking for with limited choice.

All our diamonds pass through Stringent quality checking, guaranteeing quality. If you do not want to be a victim of paying a very high price for your diamonds with minimal choices, just come to us, and we will take you through a transparent process of buying diamonds and jewelry.


At Gemone Diamonds, we understand that each individual has a unique taste and style. We offer customization of jewelry to fit your style whenever you order it. We have a team of experts that do this work excellently whenever a client requires their service.

You need to give us the details like photo, Link of the jewelry or diamond you need, and little more details like diamond /jewelry size, color, clarity, and budget, and we are ready to move further. We make you the same piece, and it is more qualitative and affordable.

Do not forget that if you do not find the jewelry that will best suit you, we can customize one for you, using our excellent designers. We have a team ready to guide you and answer any questions that you may have.


As mentioned above, one of our primary goals is to ensure that we make the natural diamonds affordable. Gemone diamonds is home to low-earning clients, and one major thing that we have done to promote affordability is eliminating go-betweens. We charge the right price for quality diamonds and ensure that you will get doorstep delivery; therefore, eliminating the risk of our prices being inflated by middlemen.


Don't Wait- Get Diamonds from Us.

I know you cannot find any reason not to shop at Gemone Diamonds from what I have mentioned above. Visit our site, choose the diamonds you want, order, and we will ensure that your diamonds will be delivered at your doorstep.

Do not hesitate to join our many clients who have benefited from the services we have provided to them. Come and get your favorite piece of jewelry! 

You will be attended by a Gemologist who will answer any questions that you have. You can also utilize the live chat that we have on our website.

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