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Challenges of Balancing School and Afterschool Programs

Press Release: September 29, 2020

Newmarket, ON:  At the start of September 2020, TechyKids transitioned all students to their online only platform when the decision was made to not open their physical locations. At the same time, we saw students returning to regular school in some form whether online or back in traditional classes. The major challenge that we have seen in the first month of back to school is the uncertainty that parents are facing with online schooling or in class work and how to balance that with the “New” afterschool type programs.  TechyKids acknowledges this as a challenge for parents and continue to offer their kids coding programs and online kids coding classes with the most flexible options on the market.  From allowing unlimited drop in sessions per week to scheduled weekly sessions, we focus on flexibility.  This, with real instructors, no contracts or long-term commitments that parents get locked into.  So much is changing for parents and we do not want the same uncertainty in our programs.  We want kids to learn coding and programming and we want to teach coding for kids! We do not want to stress parents out further!


Of this announcement, TechyKids CEO Raye Ackerman said:

"We really feel for parents and understand the issues that they are having with traditional schooling and trying to find a suitable and SAFE afterschool solution. With all our programs online and with multiple time options available plus different support options and never any contracts, we feel strongly that we have the best coding for kids solution with the least amount of stress for parents!!!”


About TechyKids

TechyKids is a specialized evening and weekend program that teaches kids coding, programming and digital tech. Canadian owned and operated, TechyKids was Founded in 2018 with their corporate offices located in Newmarket, Ontario. TechyKids has quickly become the market leader in the industry with its professional facilities, strong online solution, licensed teachers and a comprehensive and proven curriculum.


TechyKids is executing on a Covid revised plan that provides kids with the advantage they will need as they continue with their education and career journeys.  Their flexible online coding classes ensures students are able to take coding classes virtually from the comfort of their home. TechyKids provides a wide variety of courses, and support solutions to match the interest of both students and parents.

For more information on TechyKids, visit www.techykids.ca or www.techykidsacademy.ca

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