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ChainDrive Omnichannel Platform Celebrates its 5th Anniversary on G 10 Notes

Press Release: September 01, 2020

Montreal, QC, September 1st, 2020 - Multidev Technologies Inc., an avant-garde industry leader in the development of retail software systems celebrates the 5th Anniversary of ChainDrive Omnichannel Platform. While the parent company offers many award-winning POS solutions, this All-in-One Multichannel Platform is the most comprehensive toolbox ever needed to cope with today’s most daunting challenges.

ChainDrive Omnichannel Platform is considered to be unique in many ways. Unlike many mass-market, prepackaged or pre-bundled solutions sold through third party resellers and VARs, every retail software solution or gateway designed and marketed by Multidev Technologies is 100% home-grown, home serviced and mostly custom-tailored to suit the specific needs of each market segment, audience and organizational culture.

Being smart, agile and seamless is part of ChainDrive’s DNA said Joseph Amzallag, President of Multidev Technologies Inc.  Long before mobility, cross-channel management and total ubiquity became so popular, Multidev has been a pioneer in system thinking and end-to-end solutions for brick and mortar, hybrid and digital platforms alike.

That is why critics have compared ChainDrive Omnichannel Platform to a music symphony which could be played in small, medium or large retail venues by as many instruments as possible. 

Just like every technological breakthrough, after 5 years of intensive rollouts cross Canada, USA and Caribbean, the 2020 Edition is more mature and certainly lot more powerful; because it has more functionalities and options to harness collective intelligence, value creation cross various channels, etc. It also comes with more predictive tools for the New Normal and many smart dashboards to help its users make informed decisions in real time; explains the affable Mr. Amzallag who believes that the primary goal of Multidev is to translate retail needs, operations, customer visions, expectations in user-friendly solutions the same way Google Translate and DeepL strive everyday to give sense and meaning to each request. 

About Multidev Technologies Inc.

Multidev Technologies Inc. is a retail software developer with an extensive pedigree and track record of innovations in retail technologies and turn-key deployments.  It’s flagship retail POS, ERPs and Omnichannel Platforms are well-known for being fully-integrated, agile, flexible and scalable.

Founded in 1997, Multidev Technologies recognized the specific nature of niche market and specialty store operations. As a mid-market retail software boutique, ChainDrive became the most trusted name for many leading brands in the Fashion Apparel, Footwear, Jewelry, Sporting Goods, Department Store, Pet Shops, Specialty Stores including Art Museums and Major League Clubs. All business solutions are customer-tailored to suit the specific needs of Small, Medium and Large retail stores.  

To find out more, please visit www.multidev.com or log on https://chaindrive.com/free-live-demo/.


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