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Cerebral Palsy Understanding and Dealing with the Effects

Press Release: January 20, 2010

There are four main types of Cerebral Palsy that are commonly known:

Athetoid Cerebral Palsy Posture and muscles are disrupted by unwanted, involuntary movements.
Spastic Cerebral Palsy Tightness and stiff muscles making it difficult for continual and extensive movement.
Ataxic Cerebral Palsy Issues with balance, speech and dexterity of hands and feet.
Mixed Cerebral Palsy Issues including two or move of the above conditions.

The most common reason for Cerebral Palsy to occur is inside the womb during pregnancy. Brain damage inside the womb is thought to be a cause of 80% of Cerebral Palsy cases across the United Kingdom.

Unfortunately there remains no instant or long-term cure for Cerebral Palsy, but there are a number of mobility products and accessories that can help deal with the lasting effects of the disease.

With erratic and energy-sapping mobility, adjustable and durable walking sticks point the way towards confidence when moving inside and outside the house. Our Adjustable Quad Cane manages the users weight whilst providing a soft-grip handle shaped to fit the centre of the palm for long-term use.

Fatigue and a loss of co-ordination/balance are two symptoms of Cerebral Palsy and our Walking Stick Seat pro-actively works to combat both problems offering a reliable walking stick and a place to sit and rest when needed.

If movement and posture is severely impaired, a wheelchair may prove the best solution to maintain independence and mobility. The Quickie Neon Wheelchair (http://www.collinscare.co.uk/products/Quickie_Neon) offers the perfect level of back support, with an innovative cross-brace and newly-designed back rest is small, mobile yet incredibly supportive.

With the aid of regular occupational therapy, young Cerebral Palsy sufferers are able to cope with everyday situations. Kitchen and Dining mobility accessories (http://www.collinscare.co.uk/viewcategory.php?categoryid=70) are on hand to make eating and drinking a little easier and safer to ensure patients receive the nutrients and vitamins to maintain their strength.

The importance of regular exercise and movement cannot be underestimated. Cerebral Palsy is a non-progressive disease, which means that although no further damage can be done to the brain, the effects on the body take its toll. Mobility products and accessories can work to manage and deal with disabilities and make a difference.

CollinsCare.co.uk are the online mobility specialists based in Norwich. We stock hundreds of mobility products and mobility aids to help make life easier whether you have restricted movement, are disabled or elderly. Many of our mobility products help with everyday chores and include cooking, dressing and bathing mobility aids.

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