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Ceramic 3D company has released a new Multiroom module

Press Release: May 12, 2020

Now you can create in the program a design project of several rooms, as well as an entire apartment and even a house.

We also offer our clients a free of charge access to all catalogues of finishing materials, which contain more than 500,000 items from manufacturers all around the world, as well as catalogue of objects. In addition, users can on their own add the necessary collections to the program or leave a request at company website ceramic3d.com.

The new module allows you to create a detailed plan of engineering communications of multi-room and multistory premises, as well as schemes of decoration, furniture and lighting arrangement for craftsmen.

Multiroom module also provides photorealistic 3D visualization and can automatically generate design estimate documentation – that is why it can be considered an ideal tool for sales increase for designers, retail and wholesale stores, construction agencies, DIY and manufacturers of finishing materials.

You can also leave an application at http://www.ceramic3d.com/ and we will contact you.

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