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Cell culture biotechnology company Avant launches Zellulin®, the world’s first cell-based functional protein ingredient for skincare

Press Release: February 15, 2021

Avant’s first commercialized product answers the call for a sustainable cosmeceutical option and taps into the US$52.5 billion anti-aging products market

HONG KONG - Avant announces today the launch of Zellulin®, an ethically and sustainably sourced bioactive ingredient produced in a fully traceable and controlled environment, using Avant's cell culture biotechnology. Zellulin® is the world’s first cell-based functional protein for the cosmeceutical functional ingredient market.

Zellulin® contains multi-functional marine protein peptides that promote anti-oxidation, regeneration, and repairing of skin more effectively than collagen alone as per quantitative studies. It can be incorporated into formulas of moisturizers, drinks, and supplements. Avant has entered into material transfer agreements with a number of leading ingredient companies. 


Carrie Chan, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Avant said, “We are excited to launch our first commercialized product, Zellulin®. This pioneering bioactive ingredient answers the quest of the market for sustainable and innovative alternatives.  We welcome partnership with cosmeceutical companies to develop new, ethical and sustainable products with us.”

Dr. Mario Chin, Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Avant
added, “Zellulin®  accentuates the commercial applications of our cell cultivation technology platform. Avant’s fully traceable offerings revolutionize the market with powerful, pure and sustainable ingredients for us and our planet.” 

As the world’s first skincare ingredient utilizing this cutting-edge technology, Zellulin® brings cell culture technology into the US$52.5 billion global anti-aging product market with expectations to reach US$83.2 billion by 20271. For more information regarding the product and partnership opportunities, please visit zellulin.tech.  

About Avant 

Avant Meats Company Limited (“Avant”) is the first cultivated marine protein biotechnology company in China. Its patent-pending proprietary biotechnology platform produces animal-free fish proteins, in a cost-effective and fully traceable bioprocess, directly from fish cells.  Applications include but are not limited to food, skincare, and other functional uses. With the US$3.1 million seed round funding secured in 2020, Avant aims to be a global leader in producing functional, safe, and sustainable cultivated marine products in a fully contained environment. It has been named on CleanTech Group’s 2020 APAC 25 list of most innovative sustainable companies and featured in Reuters, Forbes, The Telegraph, South China Morning Post, and CCTV. Avant was founded in 2018 and is based in Hong Kong Science Park. For more information, please visit www.avantmeats.com. 

For interview requests or media inquiries, please contact press@avantmeats.com.  

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