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Press Release: January 18, 2019

Our environment is filled with many options and opportunities, but at times this can be overwhelming. Recognizing a need to be met is only the first step in making a change. Next, you must be able to sift through all the available ways to meet that need, and this is often the most challenging task. When it comes to receiving treatment for mental health symptoms, the number and type of providers and treatments can be equally overwhelming.
When researching a provider that would be the best fit for you, it is important to look at the education and training of the provider, and the types of treatments they use. There are various treatment options which are short-term, leading to lasting changes in mood and behavior in only a few weeks or months. One such treatment is cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT is based on research which has found what you think (cognitions) impacts how you feel and how you behave. When engaged in CBT, you work on identifying unhelpful thoughts that are leading to negative mood and behaviors. CBT is different from some of the original therapies because it is short-term and focuses on your present situation. While discussing the past might be helpful during some parts of the treatment, the focus of the treatment is usually on the thoughts and moods that are causing you difficulties currently.
When looking for options for cognitive behavioral therapy in Texas, a convenient option is telepsychology. Dr. Mayfield, owner of Mindset Therapy, PLLC, states that telepsychology is an internet-based therapy service that allows you to conduct your appointment from the location most convenient for you. Telepsychology removes the travel time needed to get to/from an appointment, which makes scheduling treatment even more convenient. Providers at Mindset Therapy are trained in a variety of treatments for most mental health conditions, to include CBT. When ready to make a change and cognitive behavioral therapy in Texas is the best fit for you, contact the company that provides virtual house calls by your therapist.
New patient appointments can be booked directly through https://www.mindsettherapyonline.com/contact.php

About Mindset Therapy, PLLC

Mindset Therapy, PLLC is the future of mental health treatment; leading the telepsychology revolution with execution of mental health services via video teleconferencing and providing technology driven mental health treatment that reaches the patient at the time and location of their choice. Mindset Therapy provides mental health treatment by a licensed online psychologist in Texas. Mindset Therapy is headquartered in Houston, TX and owned by Dr. Emily Mayfield. Dr. Mayfield is a licensed psychologist, a veteran of the United States Air Force, and a Cherokee Nation citizen.

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