Press Release: February 03, 2016

Trudie Goodwin, famed for starring in The Bill for 24 years and for her current role as Georgia Sharma in Emmerdale, will be speaking at an event on behalf of leading overseas disability charity CBM UK at Speaker’s House, House of Commons,Westminster on 3rd February at 6pm. Trudie will speak about her life-changing trip to Nigeria, her own experience of hearing loss and why she’s passionate about CBM and its work transforming the lives of people with disabilities in the world’s poorest communities. It is hoped that the event will attract additional long term supporters to CBM.

Trudie Goodwin:

“Back in 2004 I was privileged enough to be asked to go to the ECWA eye hospital in Kano, Nigeria to make a short film about the work they were doing there and it turned out to be one of the most extraordinary and moving experiences of my life. The joy of seeing scores of men, women and children blinded by cataracts having their sight restored is something I will never forget. Like many people, I have some experience of living with a disability - when I was a child I suffered hearing loss, and as I’ve grown older it has become quite a lot worse. But thanks to tiny hearing aids, provided free by the NHS, it has never prevented me from going about my daily life or pursuing my acting career. CBM is helping millions of other people with disabilities, much more profound than my own, to fulfil their own dreams. Of the one billion people with disabilities, a staggering 80% are in developing countries. Disabled people face challenges even here in one of the wealthiest countries of the world, but in developing countries disability can be literally life-threatening. That’s why CBM UK’s work to tackle disability in the world’s poorest places is so vital and that’s why I’m proud to be part of it.”


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Information for Editors

• CBM, the overseas disability charity, works to transform the lives of people with or at risk of disabilities in the poorest communities of the world, working in over 60 countries across Africa, Asia and Latin America. In 2014, the charity helped over 32 million people.
• Trudie Goodwin is an English actress best known for playing Sergeant June Ackland in the high-profile British television police drama The Bill from 1984 to 2007. Goodwin is currently playing Georgia Sharma in the ITV soap Emmerdale, a role she has been playing since 2011.
• Trudie has been supporting the work of CBM UK since 2005.

About the event

• The event is being sponsored by PJ Care, a leading company providing specialist care for people with neurological conditions.
• This event is invitation only.

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