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Press Release: February 26, 2010

The Catrina Skepper Blog is creating Pet Chatter
Catrina Skepper is the iconic face behind the most talked about Flake adverts from the 1980s she also appeared in numerous commercials for Pretty Polly, Budweiser and Coca Cola. As Catrina has supported many anti fur activism campaigns, her love for animals has always been clear and she shows passion for anything related. Catrina is currently enjoying being an active and influential ambassador for the pet insurance organisation Pet Protect. Catrina is devoted towards caring for her beloved Labrador Toffee and is happy to discuss anything canine related, giving out tips and advice on how to care for your pets.
The most exciting part about her blog is the real time videos where she has been able to interview celebrities, asking questions about their furry friends and finding out how they really feel about them.
Stedman Pearson who was part of the pop group Five Star and is yet to take the lead of the Michael Jackson world tour shared his love for pet pug Jo. Stedman told Catrina that Jo was his best friend and made him feel relaxed and content within the house. He also gave great tips on how to care for your pet and how he genuinely believed pet Insurance was definitely worthwhile.
This great interview can be viewed at,

This is all exciting for Catrina as she is not only catching up
with celebrities but this enables her to discuss a topic that is very close to her heart. The blog is very interactive with question corner resolving many common issues and providing a service that helps others in the pet world community,
You can also obtain the latest news from this site such as the courageous tale of the search dog Treo who saved many lives in Afghanistan. We are always happy to hear about success stories and we cant help having a weak heart when it comes to lovable pets.
I cant wait to see what else is going to be available from Catrinas blog

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