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Casual Dating site survey reveals the Best and Worst Lovers in the UK

Press Release: March 16, 2010

The North East of England has been voted the region with the Best Lovers in the UK, in a survey of female daters.

It narrowly beat London and the South East in a poll conducted by Forget Dinner, a casual online dating site www.forgetdinner.co.uk

The firm polled over 2000 of its female members from a cross section of the country in a bid to find both the best and worst lovers in the UK by region.

The North East was named as the region with the Best Lovers in the UK. It narrowly out-pointed London & the South East, which was well ahead of Scotland and Wales and West in joint third place.

Yorkshiremen were named the Worst Lovers in the UK narrowly taking last place ahead of males from the West Country and the Border regions.

In the same poll, respondents were given the option to explain their choice and the following comments about each region were collected.

Lovers from the North East were considered to be attentive.

London lovers were labelled as eager to please.

Yorkshiremen were dismissed as lazy in bed.

We are often told that other countries make better lovers than the British so we decided to carry out our own research, says Howard James, the founder of Forget Dinner. We are pleased for the North East and ask all Yorkshiremen who might be a little lazy in bed to take note. It was also interesting to see that the majority of women voted for regions other than the one they actually live in.


The Best Lovers in the UK League table by region

1. Tyne Tees 21%
2. London & the South East 18%
3= Scotland 12%
3= Wales & West 12%
4. Central and the Midlands - 9%
5. Meridian (Thames Valley) 7%
6. Granada (The North West) 6%
7. Anglia 6%
8. West Country 4%
9. Border 3%
10 Yorkshire 2%

Respondents comments about lovers from each region

1. Tyne Tees - attentive
2. London & the South East eager to please
3= Scotland manly
3= Wales & West passionate
4. Central and the Midlands good fun
5. Meridian (Thames Valley) - pleasant afterwards
6. Granada (The North West) - would rather watch football
7. Anglia - too selfish
8. West Country - too rough
9. Border too quick
10.Yorkshire lazy in bed


Methodology: Forget Dinner asked its female members to vote for the TV region in the UK which they considered to have the Best Lovers in the UK. Over 2,700 members responded from which 2,000 were chosen to represent a cross section of UK coverage. Voting took place between 30th February and 9th March.

 About Forget Dinner (www.forgetdinner.co.uk): Forget Dinner is an online dating website which promises dating without the expense of dinner.

The site, www.forgetdinner.co.uk has seen record sign ups, with a 200% increase in membership over the last 3 months.


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