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Cass Business School - Fourth Edition of Popular Organizational Behaviour Book Published

Press Release: January 29, 2010

This book is renowned for its accessible, conversational tone and real-life examples introducing the study of organizations and organizational behaviour. Cass Business School Professor Sims was a joint author with Bath School of Managements Stephen Fineman, Professor Emeritus of Organizational Behaviour and Yiannis Gabriel, Professor of Organizational Studies.

This book focuses not on organization but organizing the activities and processes of doing things in organizations. The authors highlight the activities which go on in organisations. They look at our emotions, the stories and gossip in which we trade, the deals we strike, the games we play and the moral dilemmas we face when in organizations.

The Fourth Edition builds on the strengths of previous editions and has been developed to include:

New chapters on Influence and Power, and Innovation and Change.
A new section within each chapter that highlights the theoretical links informing the chapters.
New review questions to test and apply your understanding of the ideas in each chapter.
New 'reading on' sections that direct you to free links to highly recommended journal articles relating to each chapter's coverage, and found on the companion website.
New critical review questions at the end of each chapter to encourage debate.
Each chapter is now enlivened with pictorial illustrations.
A fully updated glossary of key concepts in the study of organizations

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