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Casino Release Published a Special Report on how the Gambling Industry Affects the Global Economy

Press Release: September 10, 2015

London, UK, September 7, 2015 – Casino Release, an online gambling magazine, has published the Special Report, proving the benefits of the Gambling Industry on the Global Economy.
The release of the report is a key component for breaking the outdated stereotypes regarding the industry, and emphasizing the benefits it offers to healthcare and education system, employment rates, addiction programs, charities, and tourism.
The Special Report How the Gambling Industry Affects the Global Economy provides with facts and statistics regarding the gambling activities in general, as well as the fast growing industry in various countries and its influence on the countries where it runs. How the gambling industry has developed over the years, and to what measures does it affect the Global Economy, are some of the core issues within the report.
The coverage is part of the Special Report series of articles that represent a thorough and detailed research on the online gambling industry. After publicizing this first report, Casino Release will continue to issue articles from the series on a monthly basis.
For more information and to read the full report, please visit http://www.casinorelease.com
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