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Cash in Your Attic

Press Release: April 06, 2010

The main reason people convert their loft is a growing family, a new baby. Having more room in your home has an impact on family life,easing tensions and reducing stress levels. Room to gain privacy, personal space a room to chill out, work in peace or get entertained. What ever the space is needed for, a master suite with dressing room and fabulous en-suite

Whatever the reason for the the room, there is definitely "Cash in your Attic", your loft conversion, if done well, will certainly add value to your home. You may want to invite to contact a reputable estate agent to advise on the added value with a loft conversion

Recently we have done many loft conversions that have achieved two good sized bedrooms with an en-suite from a normal 3 bedroomed semi.

Your loft may be either of purlin ot truss roof contruction, the latter being more commonplace in houses built from the 1970's onwards. Both roof spaces are readily convertible to a loft conversion. We have visited many customers who have been told by various builders, friends or other so called experts that their loft cannot converted, only to proceed to a variety of conversions.