Press Release: July 24, 2018

Just as the barbecue season starts to hot up, Brusco a leading British-owned bulk ingredients supplier, has unveiled its new bulk wine concentrates. Guaranteed to not only put a zing into BBQ marinades, cooking sauces and ready meals, but also to help food companies cut duty, transport, storage and packaging waste costs.

Specially formulated to deliver a cost-effective taste solution for food processors, Brusco’s red and white wine products have been concentrated to the point where 1 litre of product equates to 10 litres of regular wine. They not only enhance and accent the flavour of any sauce or dish where wine is required, but because the concentrates are already reduced there is no need for chefs to cook the alcohol off or reduce the product further in order to intensify the flavour – thus simplifying the production process.

There are financial advantages too. Cash flow can often be a challenge for manufacturers: conventional wines with an ABV attract high levels of duty and tie up a lot of cash as it can only be claimed back once the alcohol is cooked out. With Brusco’s concentrates food processors are able to achieve the same flavour as with wine but there is no duty to pay. Due to the wine’s concentration levels, companies can also make additional savings on the related costs of moving and storing the product along with the benefits of creating less packaging waste.

The wines, which originate from the EU, South America and South Africa, go through a vacuum distillation and concentration process carried out to the highest of standards. During the processing stage, the alcohol is removed and full-strength wine is later added to create a perfectly formed functional wine concentrate - full of flavour and ideal for culinary bases, sauces and marinades, for braising meats, for stews or poaching. Food companies can use the versatile cooking wine concentrates to boost new product development and to produce a wide range of tasty sauces or dishes in an economical way.

Both red and white wine concentrates are supplied in 10 litre bag sizes complete with a tamper-proof seal on the tap. Once the seal is removed, the wine will store for up to six weeks in a cool dry place which gives food companies the opportunity to use a small amount of concentrate to enhance the flavour of a new dish without being in danger of the cooking wine going off quickly.

Brusco’s managing director, Andrew Ashby explained: “We work closely with UK food companies to be their supplier of choice for bulk alcohol ingredients including our red and white wine concentrates. Alcohol is widely used in food manufacturing to enhance flavour and add value to products. Our wine concentrates provide a cost-effective solution for companies, reducing the cash tied up in duty and cutting storage and waste disposal costs. Looking ahead we expect to see chefs, scientists and food processors push the limits of creativity and to be using ingredients which are able to deliver a sense of balance and harmony through ‘kokumi’ - kokumi is a confection of the Japanese words for ‘rich’ and ‘taste’. We think our wine concentrates fit the bill perfectly.”

Industry demand for red and white wine concentrates is steadily growing as the younger generation are enthusiastic to try dishes delivering a twist and a punch.1 Considering that wine concentrates have an ability to deliver richness and sweetness to dishes combined with the pleasure of top note fruit flavours, it’s no surprise.

Brusco is continually developing bespoke solutions to suit industry needs and, in addition to its red and wine concentrates, is able to supply bulk wines, spirits and beers from across the globe. The firm also offers a sourcing service for any wines that are required yet not listed on the website. It holds BRC Agents and Brokers accreditation and is a member of the Organic Food Federation, Soil Association and Sedex.

For more information on the company’s wide range of ingredients, visit: www.gbruce.co.uk or to arrange for free sampling contact the customer service team on 01386 761555 or info@gbruce.co.uk.

1. Source: https://www.transparencymarketresearch.com/red-white-wine-concentrate-market.html

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