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Cash Genies Top Five Ways to Save and Pay for Your Summer Holiday

Press Release: March 30, 2010

1.Book your holiday early...

Booking your holiday early is a great way to save money, as it allows flexibility in your choice of flight and you get the first pick of the cheapest seats. Most travel agents suggest booking your flight up to 11 months before your intended travel destination to be the most cost effective and it also ensures your place on the flight.

2.... Or book your holiday late

Alternatively, booking late is also a good way to save money. With flight dates approaching and seats left unsold most airline providers will slash their prices in the hope of selling out. Your choice of destination may be a bit restricted with this method but if youre not that bothered about where you go this is a good option to consider.

3.Let the current economic climate dictate your place of travel

With the economy still fragile seeing where your money will be most valuable is a smart way of choosing your holiday destination. The Pound is performing well against the Dollar so trips to America will be cheaper than usual and will give you more spending money. On the other hand, the Pound is performing weakly against the Euro at the moment so trips to mainland Europe will be costlier.

4.Set up a Savings Account

For those of you where saving isnt a strong suit setting up a savings account is a sure-fire way of financing your holiday. By setting up a direct debit account to divert a portion of your wages every month in to a savings account you can sit back and watch your holiday fund grow. This method does require some self-restraint to stop dipping in to the account but this is an easy method of saving money.

5.Stay at home.

A truly cost effective way of saving for your summer holiday is to not go abroad, cutting out the costs of travel insurance, booking holidays, and booking flights. Travelling around the country to the many coastal resorts around the United Kingdom may appeal to you. Or if you are looking for a peaceful vacation visiting the Snowdonia Mountains or the Peak District may whet your appetite and be the ultimate holiday for you.

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