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Carpet Cleaning Services in Nottingham offered at competitive Rates in Q1 of 2019

Press Release: March 14, 2019

Well-established East Midlands cleaning and maintenance firm East Midlands Cleaning offering professional services at very affordable rates

Fast becoming one of the cleaning services of choice for many in and around the Nottingham region and surrounding areas well-known East Midlands Cleaning is offering a thorough cleaning service based on important principles such as customer satisfaction and affordability.

The firm is a well-known presence in the area and has many clients on their books, both from the residential and commercial sector. Some clients use the firm’s services on a regular basis, and the firm emphasises that they never ask clients to enter into very long contracts. Every service that they offer is bespoke and tailored to the needs and requirements of the individual client.

Depending on the client’s needs theirs is a varied service aimed at cleaning all areas of houses, apartments and the interiors of business premises and commercial areas. One of their specialist services is the carpet cleaning they offer. Experienced cleaners under the watchful eye of managers leave any premises and its carpets spotless once they complete their job.

The firm’s Operations Manager Oliver Collins said during a recent interview with clients, “At East Midlands Cleaning we go out of our way to ensure our clients are satisfied with the quality of our work and the absolute passion we bring to our job. Our cleaning teams are proud of their job and of our company and rely on the public’s positive reports for ongoing business.

“That is why we have become known as a firm that stands out above others, both in terms of the work we do and the reasonable, competitive rates we offer on our carpet cleaning – and other – services. Have a look at our website and see how, in Q1 of 2019, we can save you money when you deal with us.”

The firm offers great expertise and experience: managers as well as many of the cleaners offer years in their industry, some of them as much as 25 years. Whether you need them to clean the carpets in your house or apartment, or commercial property such as offices, hotels, guest houses and other businesses, they are available to offer a thorough job and an experience that will leave the client satisfied.

The firm will always ensure that the client knows upfront what exactly they will do and what the charges are before any work in undertaken. They are known for their professional appearance and attitude, and for being punctual and knowledgeable about all cleaning products they use on your carpets.

About Us

At East Midlands Cleaning we pride ourselves on the high premium we place on the quality of every job we undertake and for the service levels we have become known for. We are well placed to offer our services to all residential clients as well as those that need us to attend to commercial needs. We use only the best machines and cleaning materials and our teams are all sourced from professionals with a high work ethic. They are personally vetted by our managers and company owners to ensure that our clients receive only the best service. We are known for the attention to detail we pay to each and every task we undertake. For more about us, please visit http://www.eastmidlandscleaning.co.uk/

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