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Careers in Caring - A practical guide to your first job - published February 4th 2010

Press Release: January 06, 2010

People in this country are living longer, creating an aging population. Hospital beds are under pressure with ever more complex treatment and surgery available, and are not an appropriate place for those elderly people who are not in need of any treatment, but simply cannot manage their daily life without some help. The majority want to stay in their own homes if they can. Over thirty per cent of people of all ages have stated that they want to die at home.

The government has promised there will be more money and more carers to meet this increasing demand to stay at home. These additional carers, who are not qualified nurses, are still required to provide a professional service, often under very demanding circumstances.

In the past caring has been an underrated service, poorly paid and often staffed by people with few, if any, qualifications. Most new carers feel apprehensive when they first go into strangers’ homes to care for them. All carers have some training, but this is expensive and is therefore short. It is usually designed to cover only the legal requirements and any company regulations. When the author was involved in training courses for nurses and carers who were expected to work in the community, she discovered that many of the questions the new carers asked were very basic indeed, relating to simple hygiene, coping with aggression, setting boundaries, responding to different cultures, flexibility, managing emotions like empathy, and working within a team.

This book is aimed at the person who wants and needs a job, has little or no experience, and is responding to the many advertisements for carers in the newspapers.

Caring is a privilege for the carer, whatever their grade or qualification. Few jobs result in the satisfaction a good carer will achieve, when he or she makes such a valuable contribution to the lives of so many vulnerable people. Most carers want to do a good job. The work is hard, demanding, interesting and often very enjoyable. Their first introduction to it can give them confidence and enthusiasm, if they are well prepared, or it can destroy their confidence for ever.

Given a good start, anyone can make this a career, gaining qualifications as they go, and knowing that there will always be a demand for their skills.First impressions are important and this book can offer the new carer some insight as to what may be involved, some advice on managing the work, and, most of all, some confidence to begin so that they can appreciate the real pleasure and satisfaction to be had from working with people in the community.


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