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Care at home for a Dementia sufferer goes horribly wrong, the family is left exhausted & launches a new website

Press Release: November 28, 2016

When Tatty’s grandmother was diagnosed with dementia, life changed beyond recognition as Tatty and her mother became the main carers along with the assistance of care agencies. However, the level of care from these agencies, as many have found, varied from simply unsatisfactory to completely horrific, with the agencies bothering much more about collecting their fee than providing compassionate and appropriate care.

The local government ombudsman (LGO) received 2,969 complaints and inquiries about adult social care in 2015-16, up 6% on the previous year.

Of those, there was a 21% rise in complaints about residential care homes, while complaints about home care rose by 25%.

After going through — and sacking — five agencies, Tatty and her mother opted to have direct payments from the government and eventually found a private carer to employ, instantly making life easier. They could control who was given access to their home, as well as being able to agree times, care requirements and rates of pay with an actual human being. They knew Tatty’s gran really well and could provide her with the care and assistance that she needed.

However, the process of finding a private carer was a tough one, which is why Tatty - a web and graphic designer by trade — has launched FindAPrivateCarer.co.uk, a site that matches people requiring domiciliary care with private carers across the UK. Private carers can advertise their skills and experience as well as respond to job adverts, while those seeking care can advertise their needs or browse carers in their area.

Sadly, Tatty’s grandmother passed away in August this year. Tatty said, “My Grandmother looked after me when I was a child and it felt right to be there for her when she needed help. Because of unreliable care I had to give up my job, my social life and my relationships suffered, being a family carer is isolating, very hard and you need good carers supporting you”

She added, “I know of so many families that are struggling to balance work, life and care for their loved ones. I hope that this website will make it easier for other families, friends and those that require care find private carers like we did that are regular, reliable, that build real caring relationships.”

When you visit FindAPrivateCarer.co.uk, it’s possible to make a donation to help Tatty grow the site into the national resource she envisages, offering a much-needed matchmaking service for carers and patients, as well as heaps of information for both employers and private carers.

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