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Cardwell Ltd Expansion Joints Are Customised Solutions and Built to Order

Press Release: June 14, 2015

Did you know that at Cardwell Limited www.cardwell-limited.co.uk all expansion joints from Cardwell are customized solutions and built to order. Cardwell is specialized in tailoring the exact solution for the need of the customer. We are committed to delivering technically and economically effective solutions to maximize the efficiency of the application for the benefit of our customers.

In the design phase, we offer advice on the appropriate selection and specification of expansion joints to help provide safe, reliable and cost-efficient solutions. Whatever your needs may be, our engineers are ready to work with you to create an operationally effective and commercially attractive solution, no matter how complicated and challenging the project may be. We are prepared to assist our clients with complex projects requiring input from us where detailed analysis and discussion and liaison is required to achieve the optimum solution as well as routine requests where the expansion joint requirement is fully defined at the enquiry stage.

We pride ourselves on a fast response to customer requests, especially in critical situations that call for the urgent replacement of expansion joints.

We are able to offer our customers steel expansion joints calculated and designed according to several different design codes as stated bellow. The required solutions can be supplied with CE-marking in compliance with the Pressure Equipment Directive (97/23/EC).

Our design process includes the following:-
• Design standards: EN 13445, EN 13480, EN 14917, ASME VIII, Div. I, ASME B31.3, ASME B31.1, AD 2000 or EJMA
• CAD Drawings
• 3D illustrations
• Finite Element Analysis
• Technical consulting on optimal options in regards to design, application, locations in the pipework and installation requirements.
• Calculation software: BelMaker, OMTECH and ANSYS

Our proposals are developed working to the specifications received and through interaction with our clients, this gives us the ability to make submissions offering the most appropriate balance between performance and cost.

On some projects, especially where replacement compensators are required to replace existing due to failure or changes in operating duty (and especially where our installation team will be required to fit clamshell bellows) it can be beneficial, or even essential, that we visit the jobsite.

A site visit gives us the opportunity to take any necessary measurements, review the installation then discuss all relevant points with our customer ensuring that we work together with a full understanding of the requirement to provide the best answer to the problem.


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