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Card Sender and Got Need Swap

Press Release: July 14, 2020

Gone is the time when football stickers could be swapped in playgrounds – “got, got, need!” GotNeedSwap.co.uk is a safe and easy to use website to swap stickers and cards online. 

Our members can easily start and maintain a collection and the website matches them with other users who have the stickers they need, then gives them a safe way of contacting them to arrange a swap. Users can also sell then their unwanted swaps instead of keeping them under the bed and we are adding a ‘Money Box’ for saving towards needed stickers.

We also realised during lockdown that cards sent via websites are very impersonal with the writing inside either typed or hand-written by the seller. CardSender.co.uk allows you to use your own handwriting to sign and send a much more personal card online!

Choose your card or upload your own photo, add a message and then sign by hand. If you’re using a computer you can connect your phone or tablet to the website and write on your phone screen, watching the writing appear on the computer in front of you! You can also write your message on paper and photograph it. We will then print and post the card for you. 

Coming soon are accounts which save your signatures and remember important dates, postcards you can write and send, thank-you cards to send a personalised thanks, party invites and other ideas.

If you are interested in GotNeedSwap.co.uk or CardSender.co.uk take a look at our adverts for discounts.

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