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Car Insurance UK - The State of UK Car Insurance

Press Release: February 26, 2010

A common cause for rising car insurance UK costs is due to the number of fraudulent claims made by con artists and the cost of damage caused by UK motorists driving without any car insurance protection.

In a bid for UK car insurance providers to meet costs of up to £2.1 billion this year, the nations motorists are likely to foot the bill largely because of fraudulent claims. The price hikes are a catch-22 situation, with drivers not happy about having to pay even higher sums for protection therefore more likely to downgrade or even scrap their policies altogether.

It is a vicious circle which could lead to even higher car insurance UK premiums in the future months and years. Despite this problem, there remain a significant number of car insurance UK brokers and direct insurers for motorists to choose from. With well over 50 UK car insurance providers to choose from at CompareInsurers.com there has never been a wider selection of policies to compare, click and save.

There remain a handful of ways to manage car insurance UK costs and keep your premiums to an acceptable level. Building up trust and loyalty with your insurer with a no-claims discount proves that not only are you a reduced risk for accidents and breakdowns but you are responsible and vigilant at the wheel.

Multi car insurance UK policies are now available for families to insure 2 or more vehicles under the same policy, controlling premiums under one umbrella. Simply adding an experienced named driver to your car insurance policy can significantly reduce your rates. This scenario is particularly useful if a parent wishes to add their son or daughter to a policy, providing a cost-effective way for young drivers to get on the road.

Dont despair at the state of car insurance in the UK by driving responsibly and with due care and attention you can still enjoy the same financial rewards.

CompareInsurers.com is managed by a team of insurance professionals and car enthusiasts. Our aim is to enable you to find all the information you need to get a competitive UK car insurance quote. With over 50 UK car insurance providers, you can be sure of finding the quote and the information you need.

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