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Car Insurance UK - Parents Unaware Fronting Constitutes Car Insurance Fraud

Press Release: March 02, 2010

The problem with this method is that parents do not realise that fronting is an illegal scam, and what is thought to be a harmless white lie, is actually regarded as car insurance fraud in official quarters.

The ease of access to front a car insurance UK policy has seen fronting cases double over the course of the last 24 months to almost 200,000 UK motorists.

The Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) has led the investigations into fronting and its results suggest that two-thirds of all motorists surveyed do not know what fronting is let alone recognise it as an illegal offence.

The MIB said: "By doing this, motorists are committing fraud and under contract terms, could invalidate an insurance policy."

By invalidating your car insurance policy car insurers may look to reclaim third party damages if drivers on a fronting policy are involved in an accident.

Ashton West, chief executive of the MIB, said: "In the event that the driver of a fronted policy is involved in an accident, both the policyholder and the driver could be open to additional costs, penalties, fines and - potentially prosecution. It simply isnt worth the risk."

The current state of fraudulent UK car insurance policies currently means innocent motorists have to pay £30 more for a policy across the board a figure that could increase if tighter controls are not introduced.

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