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Car Insurance - Over 80s Drivers Denied Car Insurance Quote

Press Release: January 29, 2010

Age discrimination appears to be in full force for elderly drivers with many car insurance providers rejecting quotes for a car insurance policy. This latest study showed that half of all UK motor insurance brokers reject quotations for car insurance policies outright for drivers of this age group irrespective of their health condition.

This situation is not unknown to drivers in the age bracket of 65-79. The research proved that drivers over 65 were also being denied a car insurance quote. Able bodied older drivers will feel justly discriminated against, with their independence and ability to get out and about severely impaired by such restrictions.

Statistics have shown that there is a significantly lower degree of risk attached to a driver aged 50 and over, and this has naturally opened up insurers to an entirely new market of consumers.

Nevertheless it seems there is a glass ceiling in terms of age.
These imposed restrictions by some car insurers are not the only barriers which elderly people face, with those still wishing to travel on holidays also finding difficulties obtaining travel insurance travellers over 80 risk paying £373 more for travel insurance than those aged 65 and below.

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