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Car Insurance - Green Cars the Future for 2010

Press Release: January 18, 2010

The WhatGreenCar top ten series is set to unveil the worlds most eco-friendly vehicles for 2010. With the current interest in global warming and climate change very pertinent, it will be interesting to note how popular these vehicles will be amongst the consumer market.

This impending presentation suggests that there has never been a better time to consider purchasing an eco-efficient vehicle. Green car insurance, road tax and even London congestion charges are all being cut in a bid to attract drivers to use green transport.

Dr Ben Lane, Managing Editor of WhatGreen Car, said: While it may be confusing for consumers trying to choose a new car, with so many technologies on offer, there's no doubt that manufacturers are fully engaged with the challenge of designing, and more importantly selling, greener and ultra-green cars.

An exciting range of petrol hybrids, fully-electric cars, and plug-in hybrids, complete with Gasoline Direct Engine Technology look set to become household names in the motor industry.

Green car insurance providers are urging drivers to take note of the world around them and consider purchasing green cars as well as competitive carbon neutral car insurance online.

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