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Car Insurance - Getting European Car Travel Cover

Press Release: January 28, 2010

Therefore it is important to read the small print of your car insurance documentation to find out whether you are protected. In the event that you are no covered to travel abroad, many car insurers now offer an extended European driving insurance feature that can protect you driving in all EU countries for up to 90 days a year.

Drivers seeking European car insurance cover can purchase either a temporary or comprehensive policy for short and long-term visits to countries in the EU. It may be wise to consider a comprehensive European car insurance policy that protects the possibility of a breakdown as recovery costs to pick up your vehicle abroad are likely to be perilously expensive.

Finding replacement parts for right-hand drive vehicles throughout Europe can be a significant hassle considering that the majority of EU countries drive with left-hand drive cars. Therefore the cost of repairing and returning a car to the UK could cost hundreds of pounds before your holiday has even started. Dont take a risk purchase European car insurance and avoid holiday disappointment.

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