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Car Insurance Drink Driving Figures Decline in Comparison to 2009

Press Release: January 27, 2010

Data from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) reveals that drivers arrested following breath tests across England and Wales fell by approximately 16.5% on last years figure.

Kevin Clinton, RoSPA Head of Road Safety, said: "The Christmas figures once again show action is needed to change the behaviour of a stubborn minority who continue to drink and drive despite years of education and enforcement campaigns."

It would appear that drivers under 25 still take the risk of drink driving during the period of December January. Statistics released by the Association of Chief Police Offers revealed that 3% of all drivers breathalysed were over the limit. Worryingly this figure rose for drivers under 25, with 4% of young drivers over the limit a cause for concern for newly qualified drivers looking for a young car insurance policy.

Many drivers drink on a night out and are unaware that the alcohol is still in their system as they go to set off in their cars the morning after. A recent poll by What Car? concurred with this thesis, as 37% of drivers surveyed admitted they had driven over the limit the morning after drinking.

While the decline of drink driving figures is slowly taking place, there still remains plenty of work to be done in the way of educating UK drivers about the perils of drink driving.

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