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Car Insurance 4x4 Car Insurance Searches Increase During Cold Snap

Press Release: January 14, 2010

Drivers use these vehicles with greater confidence and are often over confident and this has led to a significant increase in 4x4 car insurance searches during the cold snap.

One car insurance comparison website has recorded over one million searches for 4x4 car insurance since the beginning of the arctic weather conditions a fortnight ago. Understandably, 4x4 vehicles come into their own in treacherous conditions such as these, but drivers also need to be aware that braking distances remain the same despite the size of the vehicle.

Between the 5th and 10th of January alone, searches for 4x4 car insurance had increased by almost 50% in comparison to the same time scale in December.

A spokesperson for the comparison website said: It is understandable after seeing more snow than usual in such a short period of time people may be thinking about preparing themselves against any further snowy conditions that are on the way, or indeed, if snow filled winters are to be a regular occurrence in the future.

However, when we do suffer from such severe snow and ice causing treacherous driving conditions the advice is generally to stay off the roads entirely. Having a more able vehicle for driving in the snow is not a guarantee that your journey would be any safer or less eventful when faced with such unpredictable driving conditions.

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