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Capital Worldwide: Tech Sector Is About To Rebound To Profit.

Press Release: December 03, 2009

Sources from HP have told Capital Worldwide that they are about to experience a technology rebound as they get ready for the busiest time of the year.

Going into the last quarter the tech industry historically has its best times. Capital Worldwide analysts have been told by a HP spokesperson that they expect this to remain the case and that the upturn will continue into the New Year.

Sources told Capital Worldwide that they expect the whole of the industry to have growth and that HP were in fact confident of outpacing any growth forecast for the tech sector.

Senior economist from Capital Worldwide explains that any upturn for HP can be used as an indicator into the corporate world as a whole. HP is so intertwined in the business world you can use their growth as a barometer for the growth of the corporate world.

Speaking to an HP spokesperson Capital Worldwide was told that they are extremely confident that next year will be much stronger that the past 2 years. HP was in fact getting ready to have a bumper year and are restructuring their business to deal with the expected extra demand.

Capital Worldwide analyst explain that another important factor is that the whole replenishment cycle of replacing hardware will be more in demand as the last 2 years companies have held back on spending. But now that the economy is getting better and that confidence is coming back Capital Worldwide expects companies to replace any old hardware that they have.

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