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Press Release: June 05, 2015

Fort Lauderdale, Fl.(PRWEB)June 04, 2015-CANCER CLEARED LLC announces planned world wide expansion to end all cancer in weeks. Eugene Steele BBA JD, cancer historian and manager of Cancer Cleared, LLC, is seeking to expand the cure for all cancer around the world. The expansion begins with curing 24 women of breast cancer in one week, every week. The introductory price is $3500.00.

If the client's immune system has not be weakened by traditional medicine then there is a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

Steele said “No one else that I am aware of, including the largest medical centers in the United States, offers a money back guarantee. If we were not certain of the results, then we would not offer that. Doctors, large pharmaceutical companies, and the FDA, have been in charge of cancer treatments. We do not feel they have done an acceptable job. Yet, cancer has been curable for over 100 years. Those groups with few exceptions have failed to perform well.

My medical team under my direction has reviewed the history of cancer cures that work. We have focused on Chinese medicine and magnetic therapy. We use Chinese herbs that have been tested for 1000 years. With our formulation we have expedited cancer cell death. There are two schools of thought on cancer: one is that it is 100 different diseases based on location. The other is that it is one disease based on the cancer cell. I believe it is one disease, although some forms require more time to expedite cancer cell death.

Electromagnetic therapy is used to destroy any tumors. The body is electric and each organ has its own frequency.

When patients are informed of their having cancer, they immediately rush to their doctor, then an oncologist, or a surgeon. These doctors know the truth although they may not accept it or admit it. This goes back to the time in history when doctors using non conventional, or non-pharmaceutical, methods lost their licenses, or were immediately labeled as Quacks. It is unfortunate that true cancer cures are attacked by those that are more concerned about their incomes than human life.

The FDA is allegedly charged with the duty to protect the public. It should be obvious that they have failed. The law needs to be changed. It should allow access to those drugs that are safe, yet leave the choice to use or not use them to others to determine if they are effective. We still have the FTC to handle false claims. What the FDA has done is to block cancer cures with their regulations and has fostered expenses that only large pharmaceutical corporations can pay.

Cancer Cleared LLC has done nothing new. We have only taken cures for cancer that work. For a single example out of many cures that work, look to John Beard, D.SC, in 1903 and his book published in 1911: The Enzyme Treatment Of Cancer, and its Scientific Basis. Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, MD, New York, has adopted that work and regularly cures pancreatic cancer which is thought to be a death sentence. History is filled with many earlier cures.

Cancer Cleared cannot operate in the US nor solicit Americans under FDA regulations. Although in response to public pressure there appears to be some movement by the FDA to shorten the time to allow cancer cures, those who currently say they cure cancer can be jailed and doctors can lose their licenses.

As a result, each clinic is a separate company registered offshore, we have no US contact. We offer a 25% interest in the startup clinics. At this time we are focused on the Caribbean, Central and South America. The goal is for those clinics to grow into large facilities serving 250 clients at a time, staying either one or two weeks, as necessary, depending on the cancer. This would address the two major cancers, lung and breast cancer. There are many other diseases that are equally curable, and we will address them in the future."

Cancer Cleared Clinic's expansion will end cancer in the world.

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