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Can't Hit The Gym? Here's Why Stand-Up Paddle Boarding Is A Killer Workout

Press Release: February 01, 2021

To maintain a fit and healthy body, eating a balanced diet, having a regular sleep, and exercising are the key. If you can’t hit the gym, one awesome alternative is trying out stand-up paddle boarding (SUP). One of the most popular London watersport activities, SUP will help you hit two birds in one stone: embark on a killer workout while getting close to nature.

Here’s how.

It burns loads of calories. Though SUP is as straightforward as it sounds — it involves propelling through waters while standing on a board, with the help of a paddle — it actually requires using major parts of your body. And the result: the more calories you’ll burn. When you uninterruptedly engage in SUP for an hour at moderate pace, you can burn around 700 calories.

It helps strengthen your core. One of the reasons why many a London watersports company recommend SUP for those who want to be more fit is its ability to improve your core strength. When you paddle-board while standing up, you will need your abdominal muscles to help keep your balance.

It enhances your balance. Besides improving your core, SUP can also help enhance your joint stability and coordination. These improvements will ultimately cause you to significantly enhance your balance.

It boosts your stamina. SUP is an immersive watersport. While it helps you burn a lot of calories, engaging in this type of activity can be very enjoyable to the point that you won’t notice you’re "exercising" for hours already. When you regularly do SUP, it can benefit your body in the long run by boosting your stamina.

It helps reduce stress. SUP can help clear your mind and improve your focus. In the process of learning this activity and using it to shed some fat, you’ll feel more relaxed and less stressed out. Having lower stress levels can also improve your physiological functioning.

Get A Healthier Body — And Mind — Through Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

Stand-up paddle boarding is one of the highly recommended London watersport activities for a great reason. Though it is considered a killer workout because of the fitness benefits it offers, SUP is actually low-impact, relaxing, and not as "intense" as other strength-based exercises people do in the gym.

As already mentioned, it’s also a great way to immerse yourself in nature. If you have a particular affinity for picturesque water scenes, this watersport is absolutely for you. This activity can ultimately help you explore and see the horizons — and yourself — in a new light.

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