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Can Magic Cope With COVID-19?

Press Release: July 27, 2020

How Alfred Hitchcock’s famous words helped magical father-and-son innovate techniques to battle the challenges of Coronavirus


BIRMINGHAM, UNITED KINGDOM - For the entertainments industry, the world came to a swift and sudden end on 17th March 2020. For a pair of professional magicians, Alex and George, their business, built on decade’s worth of interacting with their audience and performing in a close and intimate style, keeled over and expired on that same day. They needed a creative way to resurrect their passion for magic, and they turned to a uniquely 21st Century innovative solution: Online Magic Shows.

They christened these new events Jiggery Pokery Online Magic Shows, lasting approximately 60-minutes and they host them once every month. The next show is on 31st July 2020 at 7 P.M. BST. These incredible shows combine Variety-style humour, classical magic, and modern mind-reading with a cutting-edge way of making the unexplainable happen on people’s phones.

Alex and George have had to learn whole new secret methods for making their mysterious magic as effective and entertaining as possible. The Jiggery Pokery shows are not just like Television or YouTube – they are live and interactive and have audiences of up-to-100 screens tuning in from across the world.

By using Zoom as their performing platform, their guests get to experience the magic as if they were there in person: they get to take part and join in, they get to witness the magic happening, and they get to be part of the deceptive delights the father-and-son duo lovingly call Psychological Jiggery-Pokery.

But this also presented the pair of magicians with a whole new tricky challenge: How do they take their magic, some of it well over 150 years old and designed to be seen up-close in Victorian drawing rooms, and make it work for an audience who could be binging on a Netflix series or hopping through endless YouTube videos?

Both Alex and George are huge fans of movies, and love including their enthusiasm for classic films across their shows. They found the solution to this thorny obstacle in one of Alfred Hitchcock’s quotes: ‘There is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it.’

The Jiggery Pokery Show is all about whether you can believe what you see or see what you believe. Up until the very last second of the show, Alex and George have their audiences in delicious anticipation trying to guess what is real and what is magic – or is it all just Jiggery Pokery?

This anticipation keeps people hooked. It’s a question that’s even more relevant in today’s world of misinformation and sceptical attitudes towards authority figures, and it’s one people are genuinely fascinated by, whether it’s through intimate performances or online magic shows.

It’s this underlying anticipation, combined with Alex and George’s warm Variety-style, tongue-in-cheek humour, and passionate love for performing magic, that makes the Jiggery Pokery Online Magic Shows more than a match for their previous work.

COVID-19 and the strict and necessary social distancing practices nearly killed off their beloved business and the entire entertainment industry. But with a touch of innovative thinking, a dab of inspiration from a genius film director, and a love for all things mischievous, mysterious, and magical, this pair of father-and-son magicians have opened up a whole new avenue for engaging and entertaining people with amazing, mind-melting online magic.

AGMagicians’ Jiggery-Pokery Online Magic Show takes place every month, lasting approximately 60-minutes and hosted through Zoom. The next show is on 31st July 2020 at 7 P.M. BST. Tickets are £5.99 per screen and are available from http://www.agmagiciansonline.com/JPS/

Alex and George Rowley are father-and-son professional magicians who have been performing together for 10 years. George’s background in psychology makes him a masterful mind-reader. Alex’s background in theatre and creative writing make him a wonderful sleight-of-hand storyteller. Together they tour the country with their magic, performing for parties, events, weddings and tradeshows and sharing their love for all things mischievous, mysterious and magical.



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