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Can Love Be for Life? will hit the shelves in Barnes and Nobles and other book stores on July 1st of 2015

Press Release: June 21, 2015

Andre and Marina Starz are happy to announce the official release of their book Can Love Be for Life? Five Essential Steps for Keeping Passion in Your Marriage.

“We are glad that our book will be available in book stores right before July 4th, the Independence Day-one of our favorite holidays. Being from another country, we can appreciate the opportunity and freedom that our new home, America has provided for us.” Andre Starz said.

It took almost four years of meticulous research and interviews from more than five hundred couples to complete the writing of Can Love Be for Life? Five Essential Steps for Keeping Passion in Your Marriage.

The concept of the book is very simple and elegant but at the same time it’s very profound, because it’s empirically proven and based on Andre and Marina’s true love story.

Learn about the Five Essential Steps: building a rock-solid foundation of Commitment to each other; constructing the three immovable walls of Compassionate Spouse, Best Friend, and Passionate Lover; and cementing the entire structure with Connection to hold the whole Love Pyramid together. These principles have strengthened and blessed many marriages, and they can do the same for yours.

So far it has had great reviews from readers and the highest praise from psychologists and marriage professionals. Here is what some of them have said about the book:

“It's so fresh and sincere. I really liked the Love Pyramid; it's an excellent concept. Congratulations! I can't believe he lost her suitcase.” Cloe Madanes, World-renowned innovator and distinguished teacher of family and strategic therapy; author of seven books.

“Wow, what a wonderful and touching story… it is an awesome and inspiring illustration of love and commitment! This hope-filled account of Andre and Marina’s relational journey is a powerful example of how you can create a mutually fulfilling marriage.” Dr. Jared Pingleton, Drector of Focus on the Family's counseling department; Author of Making Magnificent Marriages.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the book. It made me laugh and made me smile. It made me tear up a couple of times. Most important, I enjoyed the philosophy. Good job!”Yakov Smirnoff, Comedian, actor, and writer; Professor at Missouri State University and Drury University.

“Andre and Marina have discovered the path to being lifelong passionate lovers and have generously shared it with us! Every couple will benefit from this beautiful couple’s story. It is sure to rekindle the passion!” Josh Spurlock, MA, LPC, Director of The Relationship Center.

Andre and Marina have been entertaining people around the world for more than thirty years, bringing them joy and laughter from their hearts.

They have traveled all over the world and have won many national and international prizes for their performances, including the Silver Cup Award from the Italian Government at the Golden Circus Festival in Rome, Italy, and recognition as Specialty Performers and Show of the Year by All American Entertainment Awards.

Andre and Marina are both world class theatrical producers. Their love story is the basis for the critically acclaimed theatrical performance at Yakov’s Moscow Circus Adventure.
In addition to their wonderful talents as performers, producers, and writers, Andre is also a certified Relationship Educator, a certified Divorce Preventer and co-founder of Marriage Improvement Tools, the creators of Relationship Health Score 1.0.

Marina is an accomplished artist, and her oil paintings are on display in galleries and private collections.

Andre and Marina have been married for over a quarter of a century and live in Branson, Missouri with their very independent cat, Vasya, and standard schnauzer, Timosha. Their son, Anton, is also an entertainer who is married.


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