Press Release: August 10, 2015

Cameron Forecourt, the UK’s leading commercial Fuelling Specialist has significantly improved the fuelling operations of national recovery company, CMG Rescue.

Implementing a bespoke new system, Cameron Forecourt installed and commissioned two new Nova units at the company’s Newport Pagnell HQ, which were an upgrade to CMG Rescue’s existing system.

The new Nova Fuel Management system allows the customer to view live fuelling information, at any time. This does away totally with the need for daily polling, as all information is updated as it happens, with the system being linked directly from the fuel islands to the management web site.

This also has added benefits for CMG Rescue in that their fuelling stock figures are always current with immediate low stock warnings, alongside instant notification should any of their pumps become disabled for any reason. In addition, by using mobile phone technology, the terminal can send texts and emails directly to on-site staff if required.

The Cameron Forecourt system is also able to provide immediate notification of any attempted use of blocked or stolen access keys to the company’s tanks. Furthermore, the system is able to issue instant text alarms should there be any instance of possible tank stock leak or theft.

Having been established for over 35 years, CMG Rescue Services has built a large portfolio of equipment, premises and skilled staff to, enabling them to become one of the leading recovery operators in the UK. The company’s customer base of over 1000 organisations is comprised of a mixture of public sector, blue chip and family run businesses. CMG Rescue prides itself on proving that they understand the individual needs of their customers.

The company operate a sizeable fleet of over 100 operational vehicles, most of which are on the road at any one time. CMG Rescue’s team consists of over 60 operational staff who work around the clock to give the high quality service levels that customers have come to expect. CMG Rescue’s total expenditure on fuel is in excess of £1 million per annum.

The company had faith in the Cameron Forecourt system from the start, as they were an existing service contract provider for support on service and maintenance of fuel pumps.

High accuracy electronic gauging that the Cameron Forecourt solution provides shows instant information on fuel stock levels, remaining tank capacity and ullage, allowing managers to maintain safe working levels and to arrange replenishment as and when necessary. Fuel drawings monitored by the system can then be reconciled against fuelling from the tanks.

Explains Scott Willers, Finance Director of CMG Rescue: “With increased business in the roadside assistance market place we have seen significant growth in our business and the system provided by Cameron Forecourt helps us to both streamline and improve fuel management operations here. The fully integrated system that they provided enables us to keep a full track of fuel, our stock levels, and consumption, which is obviously invaluable”.

Fuelling can take place at any time of day or night. The integrated package allows CMG Rescue to keep a constant check on fuel movements, stock levels, and consumption, providing complete and accurate wetstock reconciliation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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