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Call for Banksy’s Dismaland to Re-Open

Press Release: June 01, 2016

At least that’s what these two ex Dismal Stewards were calling for. Farhath and Kurtis were workers at the 2015 Banksy art show in Weston-super-Mare in the UK. They teamed up with author Bryn Youds to relive their iconic roles and Call for the Art show to be re-opened. The publicity stunt outside the site of Dismaland was staged to promote the first book celebrating Banksy’s sensational show. Local author Bryn Youds became obsessed by the show visiting fourteen times. “I just couldn’t get enough of the place, the art, the Stewards and the whole vibe of the place was electrifying. Even when it closed I found myself drawn to the place. I knew I had to record the experience somehow and hopefully at the same time exorcise my obsession, a book seemed the natural way to do this.”
Bryn became friends with several of the locals employed at the site and who quickly became one of the shows key attractions for visitors. “Through the show I met these amazing people and knew that I had to tell their stories. It soon became clear that that Dismaland had been an extraordinary experience for them too and that it was frankly… life changing”. Bryn’s book contains interviews with nine of the Stewards who give a unique insight into the event in the form of witty anecdotes about the celebrities, their jobs, the visitors and the parties. The Stewards retell the story of Dismaland from beginning to end and poignantly talk about the personal legacy. Of the book Bryn says “if you were lucky enough to go hopefully you will be transported back and if you didn't then I hope this will give you an insight and a dismal experience”.

Dismal by Bryn Youds is Available on Amazon and Ebay.

Please see attached the press release for the new book on Banksy's Dismaland.
It's the first book on this iconic event.

Additional pictures can be found at this dropbox address.

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Dismals Need a Job youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FRKEnwMCGU

Fantastic! awesome book – tidylike0

Great item very well packed, thank you great book well done – 3167suzanne

Excellent book – ddiva5263

Truly Dismal, Highly recommended – buzz

Well packaged - instant delivery and a great looking book. Very pleased - C Walters

What a gem. Youds channels his Dismaland obsession through pictures, interviews with stewards and personal insights. - By Oatsey

I love this book, every time I see it I have to open it again and again - it brings me to a place that made me smile like a little child. Great photos interviews it's almost like reliving it all again. If you missed going to Dismaland then this book will give you a idea of what it was all about. Thank you Bryn Youds By Steven L Contreras

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