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C-Astra Robot Destroys and Deactivates 99% of Viruses To Aid Cleaning Professionals

Press Release: October 08, 2020

Singapore – The COVID-19 outbreak is a global threat for which the world was unprepared, with a sudden massive need to disinfect surroundings fast. Surfaces contaminated with COVID-19 pose a grave threat to the safety of healthcare workers, patients, frontline responders and the general public. Deactivating the COVID-19 virus on surfaces is a critical and necessary step to protect and disinfect, especially when businesses have resumed and workplaces have opened. As an aftermath of this pandemic, there is an urgent demand for deep cleaning and disinfection services in Singapore.

To meet this demand, Omni-Health, Singapore’s leading health automation distributor, has brought in the C-Astra Autonomous disinfectant robot, developed and manufactured by India-based healthcare technology corporation, Invento Robotics.

Semi-autonomous operation for optimal disinfection and user safety

The C-Astra differs from other disinfection robots currently in the market. Such robots are primarily only intended to clean and vacuum floor surfaces, and require human-operation to move the unit around. Furthermore, they are unable to disinfect any surfaces which they do not come in contact with.

The C-Astra can navigate semi-autonomously in any environment using the Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) and Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (SLAM) technology, while the operator can control the robot from up to 30 metres via a mobile application.

The robot has six ultraviolet (UV) lamps which helps to disinfect 99% of viruses, including the COVID-19 virus. This removes the need for cleaners to be in contact with any surfaces, thereby reducing the risk of getting infected.

The use of Human In The Loop (HITL) system enables operators to remotely assist the unit if it gets stuck, and to monitor the unit for safety. This reduces human contact of the robot in areas that require disinfection, thereby reducing the chance of cross-infection. The unit can run up to six hours continuously on a rechargeable battery pack, which takes four hours to charge.

Through a novel fleet management system, individual units can be monitored around the hospital, office or retail location and enables data collection and management by a remote professional.

Designed for use in multiple places and spaces

Hospitals, medical office buildings, isolation facilities and even public places such as shopping malls and community spaces can benefit immediately from C-Astra disinfection, as the global pandemic demonstrates the need for quick and effective disinfection.

 Mr Roy Poh, the Product Manager & Product Specialist of Omni-Health, said, “UV was traditionally used in operating rooms for its germicidal properties. Recently, there has been a  success in the deployment of UV lights in Wuhan in fighting against COVID-19, which also gained traction in Italy. Many of these disinfection units are either stationary or moved by humans, which limits the area of operations, or poses health risks for the operators. Hence, the idea was further improved into an autonomous, mobile unit that can move around lobbies and hallways get into rooms to kill majority of the bacteria and viruses.”

C-Astra robot has been used in several hospitals in India, including the Appolo Hospital in Chennai. Moving forward, Omni-Health hopes to bring more of these units to health institutions and facility management companies in Singapore.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented challenges, one of which is the ability to quickly engage in partnerships for the sake of moving technologies to markets quickly,” says Mr Mahendran, Regional Director of Omni-Health. “While the COVID-19 situation in Singapore has stabilised, we need to continue in upkeeping the standard of hygiene through the use of technology. We are proud to be at the forefront of smart automation technology in the healthcare sector here in Singapore and we are confident that C-Astra will make a valuable difference.”


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