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Buying Personal Number Plates - A Growing Phenomenon

Press Release: March 22, 2010

Initially personal number plates used to merely be a symbol of wealth and social class, with many rich motor vehicle owners boasting registrations that uniquely identify them in some shape or form. However, private plates are becoming much more accessible to purchase for the everyday consumer. Many drivers also view private registrations as a means of an investment, purchasing a personal number plate that a driver could potentially want in the future increases the chance of making a profit on the initial outlay.

In fact a survey published in the Daily Telegraph back in 2003 suggested that private plates enjoy an appreciation in value of between 10% and 20% and is one of the few consumer markets to continue to thrive throughout the economic recession.

There are a growing number of combinations available to the everyday consumer, with initials registration plates offering original combinations that are bound to attract at least one motorist each and every time. Current owners of personalised number plates can seek a valuation of their plate through number plate dealers both online and offline.

From popular personal number plate searches to fun, entertaining registrations that make someone smile; there are private plates to appease every single buying scenario.

Platemaster.com is a revolutionary UK registration number plate search engine, specialising in uncovering personal number plates that match people's names or words in different ways.

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