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Buy24x7 Presents One of the Nation’s Largest Collection of Bicycles at Most Surprising Prices

Press Release: February 02, 2019

Haryana based wholesaler of bicycles and baby prams unveils an enormous collection of bicycles that match only the biggest bicycle dealers of India.
Gurugram, India, 23rd January, 2019
Of the skills that are equally essential for members of both the sexes, riding cycle is a high-priority one. Everyone must know how to drive, and the learning should start with riding a bike. These days, learning to ride a bicycle is not as tricky as it used to be even a decade back. The modern bicycles have thicker tiers ensuring easy balance, balancer wheels for support and designs that facilitate getting on and off. In Indian market, the choices in bicycles have rapidly multiplied in the past few decades. From bicycles for everyday use to those used by racers, there are endless choices in all kinds. Buy24x7, a reputable dealer of bicycles in Gurgaon brings to the people of the city a massive collection of highly reviewed bicycles.
A wholesaler of bicycle, baby walkers and prams, the company has its showroom on Sohna Road, Gurugram. It keeps a colossal inventory of bicycles of all kinds, put together chiefly to attract buyers of all ages and interests. It hosts bicycles for beginners and toddlers as well as practiced riders. Then there is a range wholly dedicated to professional bikers and racers. In the middle is the range where any common biker will find bicycles of their choices. From low to high-end, its collection comprises bicycles of all prices and specs.
As a wholesaler, one of its key interests is to keep an inclusive collection of wares. To ensure that, the company assembles its collection with bicycles of all top and mediocre brands. The brands that are most sold at Buy24x7 are Hero, Hercules, Kross and Avon. In addition to those, bicycles of brands like NYLEX and SINTEX are also part of their collection. Buy24x7 prides on the inclusiveness of its inventory. To make things easy manageable in an inventory this big, the wholesaler breaks it down into categories. That makes searching easier for those shopping at its website.
Buy24x7 keeps bikes of a few specific categories that can be browsed on its websites. As of today, the inventory comprises bikes of categories namely, City/SLR, Cruiser, City bike, kids’ lady bikes, MTB, gears, non-gears, sprint, tandem, roadster, rotor and women’s. These are broadly the categories the wholesaler focuses on. Deep discounts are offered on bikes in most of these categories. 20% is the standard discount which is offered on most models.
Huge discounts are to be available on the bestselling bicycles this year. A moderate discount is also offered on gear bikes. Other special offers are put up seasonally to attract the buyers. For the ease of shopping, all products on the list are divided into latest products, trending products and recent views that guide shoppers to the right model through intuitive navigation.
All products on the list are offered ay wholesale rate only.

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