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Buy Your Dream Jewellery from Whitefleur

Press Release: January 08, 2010

Whitefleur offers stunning creations of jewellery in traditional and contemporary style made of pure platinum, white gold, yellow gold, silver and sparkling and stylish diamond jewellery pieces which can make striking fashion statements. You can find that each diamond set in jewellery is certified by world top laboratories such as GIA, IGI, EGL and AGI. You can also find that we are the one of that online jewellery store who has received VIDPA. VIDPA is a consumers protection agency when it comes to online purchasing especially diamond or any jewellery.

By browsing our site you can also find that we have well written education section which helps in finding a perfect diamond engagement ring and also give you a brief description of 4CS of diamond which includes cut, colour, carat and clarity. Always remember that it is very essential to determine these four attributes of diamond before buying your diamond engagement ring or any other jewellery of diamond.

Whitefleur offers jewellery which are appealing to eye and you can buy almost blindly as quality and purity is guaranteed here. It is one of the best stores to buy your jewellery as it provides a definite and clear mark of assurance. Our jewellers also provide a range of products which are suitable for different stages of woman.

You can also find exclusive collection of gemstone engagement ring of contemporary and traditional design. Always remember that our collection of engagement rings is all about the modern bride drawing sustenance from her deep cultural roots, yet also eager and willing to explore new paths and chart out new courses as per the current demands of the times.

And the best part is that in stead of high quality you will find that our prices of engagement rings is very low compare to local jewellery store. And the main reason of offering the rings at low prices is that we believe in sharing our online benefits with our customers and we want that everyone who is in love can easily own a symbol of love for their beloved that is diamond engagement ring and that too without worrying about their financial limits.

Hence if you have not noticed the store yet then always remember that it is worth checking out.

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