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Buy All-Inclusive Windows Hosting UK Package to get your Website Online

Press Release: July 15, 2015

Cyber Host Pro LTD is a reputed hosting company that offers a range of hosting services to businesses from different industries. The firm aims at providing help to businesses by making their website available on the internet. It hosts a website and brings it live on the internet within a few minutes. One of their highlight services is windows hosting UK. The company offers numerous packages for different types of hosting. This gives the flexibility for businesses to choose the one that is required for their page. The type of hosting chosen depends on the requirement of the website based on factors like the size of business, current and expected visitor traffic and updating of information on the page.

The windows hosting UK package offered by the company includes everything that a business needs to host their website on the internet. Different packages are offered to suit varied needs of clients. All of these packages support ASP.net 2 – 4.5, PHP 5.4, MySQL & Microsoft SQL. The company ensures to conduct all the hosting on the latest Dell servers in a secure UK data centre which is owned and managed by the company. It even provides a two months free option if you sign up for twelve months in advance.

The company makes use of latest server to provide uninterrupted functioning. Asp.net hosting UK has the capability to handle unlimited traffic and offers unlimited sub domains. It has CPanel control panels which help for easier management. There are budget, home, business and business pro packages to choose from based on specific requirements.

The hosting package comes with support for WordPress and Joomla offering the best of both. This includes easy creation and running of your page. You can add and update content on your own with available tools without having to depend on an expert for it. The company is known to have very high customer retention as it provides best quality service. Latest software is made use of which offers the best to clients ensuring that they get complete value of the money they invest.

The asp.net hosting London package comes with both FTP and Microsoft Wed Deploy services which lets to easily publish websites without spending much time on it. The highlight of the service is that it provides round-the-clock technical support to deal with any issues related to the hosting immediately. The firm has reviews that mention about the best quality service offered. To know in detail about the hosting company and their packages, visit https://www.cyberhostpro.com/.

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