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Buy a luxury house in Cotswolds to own the best property in the UK

Press Release: November 22, 2015

A well thought-out property choice will always fetch you better returns in the future. Buying a luxury house in a stunning holiday resort could be one of the most well thought-out decisions you make as it is likely to give you the best return for your money. If you are planning to buy a luxury house, then take a look at the Watermark Luxury Houses for Sale located in the Cotswolds water park. The Cotswolds are not too far away from London and are well connected to some major Motorways.
The remarkable thing about the houses in the Cotswold is that they are built very close to nature, to be more precise water, as all the houses are built within touching distance of sprawling lakes. The Cotswold Water Park has more than 140 quarry lakes, and they are amply supported by the background of lush green forests. The luxury houses built on the lake shores make perfect holiday homes and fishing lodges for people looking to have a good time in a place that is far removed from the city. The solitude, serenity and peace prevailing over the lakes impact on the luxury houses available at Watermark and render them the best place to relax in the whole of the UK.
By opting for Houses for Sale in the Cotswolds, you also have the double benefit of spending time there when you need to and renting it out to others when you do not occupy it. This way your property keeps giving you returns and when you don’t need it anymore, you can always sell it at price usually greater than the price you bought it for. The Cotswold luxury houses are fitted with the most modern amenities, and many of them are self-catering, but the owners can always visit the cafes and restaurant located within the premises. The luxury lodges with hot tubs make an ideal set up for top holiday making, and it would be wise to buy one of them and make it your own.
Contact Watermark on 01285 869 031 to discuss a potential property purchase or take a look at the website www.watermarkcotswolds.com to see what is on offer.

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