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Businesses using TFT Displays are wasting up to 50 per cent of power

Press Release: March 05, 2010

London, 4 March 2010 Businesses are missing the opportunity to reduce their computer monitor power consumption costs by up to 50 per cent by sticking with their legacy TFT displays rather than switching to LED monitors. The eco-saving design of the new ViewSonic VX1932wm, which is mercury free and EuP compliant, permits the user to dramatically reduce their carbon footprint and maximise energy efficiency and reduce electricity bills.

The 19 ViewSonic VX1932wm-LED is the newest addition to a line of green LCD monitors utilising LED display technology. The ViewSonic VX1932wm-LED not only saves power and costs due to the power usage of LED technology but because the lower heat dissipation of LED monitors, reduces the burden on air conditioning, resulting in further power savings

With recession hit businesses and cost conscious users becoming better educated to the long term costs of the equipment they buy we are delighted to bring our new LED technology to the UK, explains James Coulson, European marketing manager at ViewSonic. In tests against legacy TFT displays the power consumption of our LED monitor is significantly lower, and in an environment where hundreds of monitors are employed this can fast become a significant sum of money*.

The ViewSonic VX1932wm-LEDs dramatically improved picture quality and dynamic contrast ratio at 10,000,000:1 presents a true-to-life image depth and clarity in any room. These ergonomic benefits make it possible to work for longer periods of time without suffering from eye fatigue, improving productivity and providing less stress to the user, making it perfect for office use, multimedia applications or simply internet browsing.

The monitor benefits from a superior contrast ratio that provides vivid and dynamic image details and removes the need for close-up scrutinizing. The LED backlight automatically detects image signal and intelligently controls backlight brightness to suit the image, and also tunes itself to the ambient environment. For example, if the user is working in a bright environment the LED backlight will ensure whites are white and blacks remain truly black, while grey levels are also enhanced through the intelligent control circuits, yielding superb grey scale performance.

For further information on the ViewSonic VX1932wm-LED or to arrange to see the product via your local store, online merchant or B2B reseller please visit:

The ViewSonic VX1932wm-LED has a suggested retail price of £125 plus VAT.

About ViewSonic
ViewSonic Corporation is a leading global provider of visual display and computing products. ViewSonic develops, markets and supports a broad range of innovative products, including computers, LCD monitors, projectors, LCD TVs, digital signage solutions, digital photo frames and other consumer electronics products. For further information, please contact ViewSonic Corporation at 0871 855 3355 or visit http://www.ViewSonic.co.uk/.


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Electric CostPower ConsumptionOne month CostAnnual Cost
ViewSonic LED monitor12p15w£ 0.307£3.68
Alternative manufacturers monitor12p37w£ 0.710£8.52

Working week hours = 160
Electric costs: figures taken from Powergen price list March 2010


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