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Business remains strong for Chemique

Press Release: April 20, 2010

Although 2009 was a challenging year for many of the UKs manufacturing companies, Chemique Adhesives and Sealants Ltd, based in Aldridge, has continued to remain strong, even increasing turnover slightly compared to 2008. The acquisition of Protak in November 2008 was pivotal to the continued success of Chemique throughout last year, opening up new markets that the company previously did not supply.

Traditionally, the construction industry has contributed the biggest proportion of sales to Chemiques turnover. However, the industry has been hit hard by the recession with many construction companies halting work for long periods of time while conditions stabilise. Chemique saw this downturn in the reduction of sales in adhesives mainly used to manufacture building products, such as cladding and insulation panels, as well as pedestal adhesives used in the installation of raised access flooring in offices and commercial buildings.

The acquisition of Protak introduced Hot Melts, PVAs and Membrane Press Adhesives to Chemiques existing product portfolio. As a result, Chemique now offers one of the most comprehensive product ranges to the woodworking and furniture industries. As people decided to improve rather than move, the refurbishment, joinery and domestic furniture industries became much larger sectors than in previous years, counterbalancing the loss of sales in the construction industry.

New regulations in the use of solvents has meant that customers are becoming much more environmentally aware and consequently, many manufacturers are now moving away from the traditional solvent based products, helping to boost the sales of Chemiques solvent free and water based products. Chemique recently achieved the ISO 14001 accreditation demonstrating that not only are the companys products manufactured with the protection of the environment in mind, but the whole company works to reduce its impact on the environment on a daily basis.

Chemique Adhesives Inc, based in Georgia USA, has opened up markets in North America with potential for Chemique to expand globally. Long term investment into Chemique Inc, has seen a 50% growth in sales to the US in the last year. Continued success for Chemique Inc has recently driven the company to source a new, larger premises. The increased warehouse space is now temperature controlled, allowing stable storage conditions and provision of the highest quality adhesives to customers in North America.

As the recession eases during 2010, Chemique is hoping to remain strong and see an increase in business from the construction industry, especially in the run up to the Olympics. The development of environmentally friendly adhesives will remain a priority for the company, ensuring Chemique stays at the forefront of an extremely competitive marketplace.

For more information about Chemique and solvent free adhesives, telephone 01922 459321 or email enquires@chemique.co.uk

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