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Business prospers despite COVID-19

Press Release: June 18, 2020

COVID-19 is the subject on everyone’s mind, affecting our society from students to government officials. Among the most affected areas is the economy, hard hit businesses that collapse, struggle or lay off employees. However, some businesses thrive despite all projections. One such example is Full Scepter, a digital marketing company from Romania that is expanding into new markets with business growing 300% since March 2020.

“The economy is not imploding, but it is changing rather fast and dramatic. Businesses need to adapt. The economic shift brings many opportunities for some companies that are able and willing to adapt fast. Our services have extremely high value for cost compared to local companies, and given the current situation, more businesses are considering our offer” – Andrei Orha, Full Scepter CEO.

One of the first cuts for struggling companies is in the marketing department. For many, marketing is associated with growth while currently they struggle with survival, therefore slashing the budget. A minimal marketing department with a designer, a social media specialist and a copywriter can easily surpass costs of 10,000 Euro, while Full Scepter offers all these functions for a fraction of the price.

Full Scepter is a team of 6 specialists with decades of experience international marketing combined. The services range from social media to PPC and have gone up to organising and staffing international fair booths and branding boats.

“This is more than a troubled period for companies, our societies are changing fundamentally. Online schools, e-shops and working from became the new norm in a matter of weeks. This is a shift never before seen in the history of humanity, but it is also a statement to human adaptibility. Companies and people are torn from the ‘normal life’ and forced to get out of their comfort zone. Therefore, looking for cost efficient solutions is now a must, explaining our success.”  – Zsolt Kiss, key account manager

Full Scepter is working exclusively with foreign companies, especially with brands that expand into the international marketing and need a new strategy and implementation. The business model swings towards being an externalised marketing department for partners, rather than a third party.


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