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Business Portal Launched for Ghana by UK based TWDI Limited

Press Release: May 28, 2020

A business portal has been launched by TWDI Limited, a UK based company with a network of business portals to promote small and medium sized businesses. The site for Ghana is going live with over 50,000 businesses on the site with an aim to grow to over 100,000 Ghanian Businesses.

What benefits does TWDI Ghana bring?

Businesses are listed on the portal for zero cost and this includes open contact details to enable potential customers to make direct contact with the business via email, phone, or other social media sites. 

Many business directories withhold key contact details on their portals, at TWDI Ghana these contact details are open and not hidden to facilitate business between users of the site and companies.

How can I make most use of TWDI Ghana?

Businesses can "claim" their page and update content and add more content to enhance the promotion of their business. These incudes the ability to add images, videos and other social channels that are not yet linked to the business.

Promotion of businesses by TWDI Ghana

TWDI Ghana has over 50 digital online channels and will actively promote businesses that are included on its site and intends to launch ongoing campaigns that focus on either a geographical location in Ghana or by a business sector.

What do I need to do?

If your business is listed on the portal register and claim your business and this will enable you to update your page and details. If your business is not yet on the portal, you can register and add your business to the portal and share the benefits of being listed.

What are the plans for TWDI Ghana?

TWDI Limited are launching portals in over 10 countries and intend to use the power of a connected network to promote small and medium sized local businesses by using innovative and cost-effective marketing.

We recognise that it is a challenging time for small and medium businesses and are looking to contribute to their growth and to boost the local economies with minimal cost for the companies.

Notes to editors

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