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Building Beautiful Buildings with the help of BIM Companies

Press Release: December 26, 2015

In the construction industry it is impossible to work without drawings, blueprints or models, for decades CAD design has helped with that, but these days’ larger projects cannot begin without incorporating BIM into the design and construction process. In every building, no matter how large or small, public or private, you will need to make provision for services such as gas, electricity, water, this can be easily incorporated with CAD and BIM can be used to ensure that everything is ship shape.
Just having spacious rooms is not the ultimate goal of construction. Imagine if plumbing work of your building is not designed appropriately, you will face frequent problems at later stage. Likewise duct for air conditioners and various down pipes require better design. These things need proper consideration and without BIM, it can be a more complex affair. In the UK there are a number of BIM Companies who have the skills and expertise to model the data of a building effectively, ensuring that there are no clashes and that all the facilities are well laid out. CAD designs are available in 3D and one can visualise the construction in original form prior to construction.
You can feel the real construction before it takes place on ground. As far as the CAD services are concerned, you can see the designs and alter it according to your requirements, but with the addition of BIM services you can model the data and discover for yourself just how many bricks will be required and how much each brick costs, for example. When you incorporate BIM into your construction project, outsourcing this aspect of your built to one of the experienced BIM Companies will mean that your data sets will be well managed and maintained, and that the benefits of including BIM in your project will be realised; cost reductions, construction time reductions, greater efficiencies as well as the ongoing management of the construction throughout its lifecycle.
The ongoing management of the building can be aided by having BIM available to the facilities managers who will be charged with managing the building long term, having all of the plans and the data available to them should there be a problem later down the line which needs fixing, or if the building is re-modelled or extended, even down to the demolition of the building at a later stage. With the help of BIM Companies at an early stage, you know that your building will be better looked after in an informed way going forward.

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