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Build a successful career as AI Engineer with Artificial Intelligence Course

Press Release: June 16, 2020

Hyderabad, India- Artificial Intelligence is pervading all over us every day. From search engines to self-driving cars there are vast applications where machine learning and Deep Learning are being used to propel the growth of Artificial Intelligence. Intellipaat is ever ready to help those earnest professionals and students who aim to build a robust career and want to secure lucrative jobs in reputed companies. Your career will be set by enrolling in this Artificial Intelligence online course in Hyderabad.

Intellipaat offers one of the best AI courses in Hyderabad on Deep Learning doing which you will be able to work on that wonderful arm of Artificial Intelligence. You will get to learn artificial neural networks and also about supervised and unsupervised learning. Python is a very important technology in machine learning which is also covered.

AI market trend in Hyderabad

The thing with emerging technologies like Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence is that currently there are many professionals who know how to work around the technology. Therefore anyone who is fluent with these technologies will naturally have an edge over others. It can be said firmly that an Artificial Intelligence expert easily earns more than an average software engineer. Hyderabad is becoming more tech-savvy and other technologies will require AI’s help so the market for AI professionals will only increase in the future. Accommodation in Madhapur of job seekers and working professionals will increase as Hyderabad will see an increase in the tech companies investing in it.

AI job opportunities in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is like a maiden home for big companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook and the like. You have to spend hours learning the AI concepts if you learn it from the internet for free. Intellipaat can greatly help you here. Intellipaat offers robust Artificial Intelligence training in Hyderabad so that eager aspirant can work on the technology of an artificial mind. Startup companies like Tuplejump, Labyrinth.io, Frissbi are all accepting highly talented personnel to their team. Currently, there is quite a demand for cloud-based solutions in the AI field. Other areas like computer vision, video analytics engineers also use AI technologies and this is why Hyderabad is called a high tech city.

What you will learn in this Artificial Intelligence course in Hyderabad?

  • Introduction to machine learning
  • Deep Learning techniques
  • Building and training Deep Learning models
  • Introduction to TensorFlow
  • The architecture of deep neural networks
  • Activation functions and optimization algorithms in deep neural networks
  • Significance of GPUs in training Deep Learning networks.

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