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BT Email: I Can’t Send and Receive Emails

Press Release: April 12, 2019

BT Email is the optional free email service provided by BT Broadband. When you register for BT Broadband you need to get into with BT Email address. Once you get into your email account with your email address you can start receiving mails with BT emails platform. Your BT email address may also be your user name to sign in to other services you choose, such as BT Cloud and BT Wi-Fi, unless you have chosen an alternative. In case you need easy help you may obtain easy help from BT Helpline number.

BT Email is a secure web-based application that can be integrated with other services such as Calendar and Contacts. It can also work with other email accounts, so you can manage all of your emails from one location. It is a web-based email service, you can access it from any internet connection, computer or device from anywhere in the world. To keep your BT Email account active, you need to log in and use the service regularly.

If you are facing issues sending and receiving mails in BT:

1. Log in from your email account and log in again.
2. Using a program for email? Try logging in to webmail if you have problems.
3. Send an email test. If all works well in webmail, your program settings may need to be checked. Help set up your email.
4. Other tips: check that email addresses are typed correctly Check spam folders - sometimes genuine emails end up in it by mistake.

Some other things to try for email:

1. Check whether your id and password is correct or not.
2. Make sure you are entering a right password to get into your account.
3. Check your internet connection before sending the mails.
4. Check if you have not altered your settings.
5. Check if you are sending mails to someone whom you have blocked.
6. If you have blocked the sender address so as to avoid spam mails.
7. It may be possible that your mails have been automatically deleted, check settings.
8. Check mail in other folders because mails have been entered to other folders automatically.

Further if you are facing issues receiving and sending mails, you must make sure to check the mail account settings. In case, you may need easy help for this you may obtain easy help from BT phone number.

Visit Our Website: http://www.contactsupporthelpline.co.uk/ or http://www.contactsupporthelpline.co.uk/bt-contact-number.php

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