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BSD Education and Young Founders School announce partnership to drive forward the teaching and accessibility of entrepreneurship and technology education across Asia. 

Press Release: May 27, 2020

Hong Kong, May 25, 2020 - BSD (Build Something Different) Education, the educational technology and curriculum organization focused on designing, developing and delivering programs of learning for digital skills and Young Founders School (YFS), a non-profit organization with a mission to change the way entrepreneurial education is taught announced their partnership to further improve the teaching and accessibility of entrepreneurship and technology education to thousands of students across Asia. 


BSD’s expertise and strength in delivering virtual learning environments to thousands of students in over 12 countries will allow YFS to grow its reach by enabling it to offer its existing programs virtually. In addition, the synergy will also enable an enhanced offering of digital skills alongside entrepreneurship. 


YFS started 5 years ago with a mission to change the way entrepreneurial education is taught. They put close to 2,500 students through their programs in four countries: Hong Kong, China, Bangladesh & Singapore. However, the impact of the recent health pandemic has hit offline education particularly hard and YFS’ core offering of connecting students and mentors to create life-changing experiences is challenged. Though unfortunate, it paved the way for exciting changes to happen and new opportunities to explore.  Under BSD’s guidance, YFS will be launching a number of new online products over the next 6 months to tackle the skills gap in entrepreneurship and digital skills for high school students and to provide virtual experiences that will continue to transform lives.

The two organizations recognize the strong connection between their courses and content and see a huge opportunity to bring them together, widen the reach and impact more students. In addition, the joint network in the partnership strengthens both organizations’ other existing initiatives.

“The innovation and creativity in entrepreneurship, united with the ever-growing frontier of digital skills that are in such high demand globally are critical partners in the future learning experiences for students globally. We are delighted to be able to enrich our offerings in entrepreneurship through this partnership with Young Founders School,” said Chris Geary, BSD Education CEO and Founder. 

Today we are excited to announce our partnership with BSD, a long time partner, and friend of YFS. BSD's mission, to bring digital skills to classrooms everywhere, aligns very closely with YFS.  We have to look forward as YFS moves to digital. I want to thank our team for all their hard work they have put in to get us to this stage over the years. To Chris and the BSD team thank you for ongoing support on the road ahead we are truly grateful,” said Billy Naveed, YSF CEO and Founder. 


About BSD: 


BSD is an educational technology and curriculum organization that partners with schools and education businesses. By designing, developing, and delivering programs of learning for digital skills, BSD makes it easy for teachers to integrate technology curriculum, including coding, into their existing lessons and teaching across all subjects. Digital skills are critical to the career and success of every young person in the future and offer an incredible meritocratic opportunity for young people of all backgrounds to become successful. Through its learning platform, BSD provides a real-world, project-based Technology Education Curricula for 8-18-year-olds, and comprehensive training and support for teachers as part of its overall mission to empower the kids of today with the tools for tomorrow. 


Representative: Christopher Geary, CEO and Founder

Location: 15/F, 88 Commercial Building, 28-34 Wing Lok St, Sheung Wan

URL: https://bsd.education/

About YFS: 

Young Founders School’s mission is to use entrepreneurship to teach 21st-Century Skills to 11-18 years old, globally. They believe that students are never too young to make a difference in the world. Today, they provide an immersive startup environment in which students learn the very latest startup theory whilst connecting them with real entrepreneurs to provide mentorship. With all the buzz going around with startups and “being your own boss,” they want to teach students that being an entrepreneur is more than that. Entrepreneurship is not an occupation, not a title. It is a mindset where they are constantly looking for ways to solve problems in innovative ways. It is a combination of the use of technical and soft-skills to create value for people.

Representative: Billy Naveed, CEO and Founder 

Location: 4/F Cheung Hing Industrial Building, 12P Smithfield, Kennedy Town

URL: https://youngfoundersschool.com/



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