Press Release: October 13, 2015

Browse Lab Inc., an established software development firm specializing in the development of web-based enterprise help authoring and facilities management solutions, announces the release of StaffMap. StaffMap creates a complete map of your internal, remote, and temporary employees. Staff can quickly locate other employees on office floorplans or on a Google map. Remote and temporary workers can easily book shared desks as needed. Staffmap was designed to work in all browsers on all devices, allowing you to quickly find employees and assets at any time, from anywhere on any device.

“Building on the previous success of our HelpConsole enterprise solution, used by thousands of organizations in over 40 countries, we wanted to create a system that brings employees, meeting rooms, remote workers and shared desks together into a single real-time view,” says James Dean, President of Browse Lab Inc. “StaffMap will completely change the way businesses manage their staff and assets. Losing visibility and control of remote employees and internal staff is a common concern for many businesses as they grow. StaffMap is a powerful, cohesive solution that empowers businesses to effectively manage facility processes across all regions of their organization.”

“An office manager or facility manager can quickly implement StaffMap to efficiently manage space in the workplace. Create shared desk booking systems, asset tracking systems, moves and changes, and permanent seating plans that can easily be kept up to date,” says Aaron Morin, Director of Support Services. “A primary motivation for hot-desking is cost reduction by paying only for the space you use. Implementing shared desks in order to promote greater efficiency and teamwork is a growing trend among large organizations.”

Feature List:

• Locate Employees - Quickly locate internal and remote employees on floorplans and map.

• Desk Booking - Allow employees to book available desks as needed. Desks can be booked for an hour, a week, a month, etc.

• Easy to Use - StaffMap was designed to be extremely intuitive with a powerful but simple interface.

• Embed in Website - Include a searchable ‘staff map’ directly within your website or intranet.

• Supports Any Device - StaffMap was designed to work equally well on desktops, tablets and mobile phones.

• Multiple Uses - In addition to mapping staff, use StaffMap to assign parking spaces, assign lockers, etc.

• Track Equipment - Track equipment such as printers, computers, servers, etc. on office floorplans and Google maps.

• Employee Details - Store information such as extension, address, email, sick days, profile picture, etc. for each employee.

• Permissions - Assign staff to security groups to control who can book desks, add name panels, change properties, etc.

About Browse Lab Inc.

Browse Lab Inc. (formerly known as Extreme Ease Software Inc.) is a privately-held corporation based in Qualicum Beach, BC, Canada, specializing in the development of web-based enterprise help authoring and facilities management solutions. Its flagship product, HelpConsole was first released in 2005 and after five major versions, has quickly become a global leader in enterprise help authoring, content management, and knowledge management. HelpConsole is used in over 40 countries, by thousands of organizations. To learn more about our solutions, visit: www.BrowseLab.com.

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