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Brix + Bailey Move into Brand Licensing with TSBA Group

Press Release: June 15, 2017

London and New York fashion influenced brand makes the move into brand licensing for the first time after four successful years growing their brand. TSBA to be their exclusive licensing agent.

Brix + Bailey are a design and fashion company led by a brother and sister duo, one based in London, the other in New York. They are close siblings yet surprisingly aren’t that similar – Bailey is often considered the business brain, whilst Brix is the designer. Their brand centers on quirky, illustrated graphics that are fashionable without being trend-led. Their accessories—leather handbags, clutches, satchels, totes, backpacks—are created for those who are curating their own personal campaigns to rule the world with a killer bag at their side.

The ambition to move into licensing came from Brix + Bailey themselves. It became increasingly clear that their design team has a host of ideas that they were not always able to translate onto bags or accessories. Brix + Bailey believe that having a strong fashion background behind their brand can evolve a darker more unexpected offering to products. Their design team are relishing the opportunity of pushing the boundaries.

Their design point of view is inspired and informed by their love for their respective cities. Collections are infused with the avant-garde aesthetic of London, and the classic modernity of New York. For all their differences, they are fashion and art, chaos and order, movement and stillness all wrapped up into one precisely imperfect package. Where London is edgy, New York is classic, where New York is a fashion stalwart, London is a fashion darling. Brix + Bailey are not afraid to frequently move in two different directions. They are an introvert and an extrovert, masculine and feminine, a free-spirit and a grounded whiz kid. They leave it to the consumer to sort out who is who, but know this— they take their work very seriously and like to think it shows.
Brix + Bailey always design bags to complete and or complement an outfit, that piece that just makes the outfit ‘pop’. Ian Mallalue, CEO TSBA comments ‘we feel that Brix + Bailey’s ability to design pieces that aren’t necessarily reliant on trends and complete and complement will be a wonderful offering to licensees. Consumers are constantly looking for the next big thing or simply want to buy designs that are fresh and new and Brix + Bailey taps straight into that. We will be working very closely with Brix + Bailey to ensure their style guides are frequently updated as new ideas and new design directions will be a core part of the offering’.
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